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Plague Inc Cheats

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Plague Inc Game

The original strategy game with logic elements

Plague Inc apk is a very unique mobile strategy game with many logic elements. In this game, players need to control their own viruses that have to kill the Earth’s population. This specific title allows for creating different types of viruses and for planning strategies for expanding the virus and killing people. Expanding this illness without detection is a very tricky task because after detecting it, people from the whole world will start their studies and they will be trying to find the antidote.

The Plague Inc gameplay is simple but attractive. Players are able to use special DNA points and many other items to create stronger viruses and mutations that allow for better expanding or fast killing. In other words, it is an interesting strategy game and a terrifying global virus simulation.

The official Plague Inc trailer shows that this game offers attractive HD graphics with a high level of details and advanced AI. Another advantage of this production is its in-game tutorial system and help. Players are allowed to develop different virus expansion and development strategies. There are 12 different disease types available in the game. We can infect people in over 50 countries. There are also zombie viruses and mind controlling Neurax Worms available in the expansion for the most demanding players.

Many international gamers search for Plague Inc download links. This production is available in English, Spanish, German, Brazilian, Portuguese, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean and Russian languages. Players like the original idea presented in this game. It is perfect for anyone who loves games that require logical thinking. It is also great for players who like productions that offer very difficult strategic challenges. Plague Inc is the game that can provide many long hours or even weeks of great fun for many different players.